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Investing in Emergent Market Economies

The Open Door Trading Company (The ODTC) of Atlanta is an international private investment firm with interests in emerging Honduran economies. We support and invest in a select group of earth-friendly overseas enterprises by providing affordable microloans and practical business support. Overall we aim to help improve the lives of Central American workers, earn attractive returns for investors, and promote the expansion of a green economy while bringing some entrepreneurial joy to those who dare to take a chance in life.


A Microfinance Investment Strategy

The ODTC investment model rests on supporting a strong foundation of microbusinesses and small businesses that effectively address local needs. Our investment projects in Honduras include developing affordable housing and helping farmers to establish profitable and organic agricultural businesses.

International Distribution of Organic Agricultural Goods

Our partnerships promote organic agriculture and aquaculture for the health of farmers, consumers and the Earth. The ODTC's networks are already bringing organic Honduran coffee to the international market. This month we'll begin distribution of sustainably harvested fresh Honduran tilapia to a strong regional market in Central America as well.

Future high-yield investment opportunities with The ODTC involve organic cacao and the versatile moringa plant. Contact us to learn more about investments that make a difference. You can also read up on how attracting good can be achieved in and easier way than you may have believed possible.

  • July 10, 2012: The ODTC Now Offering Wholesale Coffee to Distributors & Roasters Worldwide
  • July 2012: Ground Breaks for Construction of 30 Laureles Reales Housing Units
  • June 2012: The ODTC Organic Coffee Ships! Tilapia Soon to Follow
  • May 2012: Pro Cuppers Give our Farmers' Coffee the Seal of Approval
  • April 2012: The Open Door Trading Company Joins the World Trade Centers Association in Atlanta, Georgia
  • March 21: The ODTC Presents at the Undiscovered Equities Winter Conference in Boca Raton, Florida
  • March 2012: ODTC Tilapia Farmers Prepare for an 80,000-lb. Export
  • 03/08/12: Interval Inc: Partner Bank Fehmisse Enrolls 20+ Additional Coffee Producers in the ODTC Investment Project
  • 03/06/12: Vice President Joe Biden Visits Honduras
  • 02/13/12: The Open Door Trading Company's Consortium Enrolls 150+ Small Coffee Growers in its Investment Project      
  • 02/09/12: The ODTC Meets with Honduran Economic Officials Walter Andonov & Rommel Alcantara at the US Embassy in Tegucigalpa